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Requested by Adlin Ichsan in supercell fc group, here it is kz(livetune) feat. Yanagi Nagi – Empty
Update: Translation added!

Lyrics and A little bit of Japan earthquake inside

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Going to paste this in blog soon since it’s just a short rant anyway. 😀

As a person who likes/loves Vocaloid and Nico Nico much, it’s a pain to see my friends changed from Vocaloid fan into stalker seiyuu fan. Which I found it quite surprising because of this I have no where to express this fandom of mine anywhere, anymore except for the group I’ve made.

I try to become one of them, liking but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. I never hate seiyuu, but I never like them much. I admit that some are originally “seiyuu otaku” which I’d say I am quite comfortable with them but those who is from the first a Vocaloid fan turns into seiyuu fan I end up loathing my friends for becoming like this. One thing I noticed, when it comes to Vocaloid & Nico Nico Singer the amount of ignorance is too much but when it comes to seiyuu, the excessive amount of “CAPS” and “!!!” is seriously too much. That is why, I never want to share anything to them anymore because I ended up disappointed myself. This is like having they gay cycle repeating itself again. Which if I got a second chance, I would choose my friends carefully.

Called me childish, but this is the truth that I’ve seen with this eyes of mine. I know that people going to ignore this anyway or either take this seriously or either talk about me being an asshole or back stab me which I already quite used to it by now. After all this is just a rant. 🙂

Well that clears up what is on my mind.

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