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Description :
A short yet sad song sung by koeda. This song is like telling the story of a girl who was choosen as a guilty person and the singer asking god why she was choosen and ask to return back the girl. Accompany by ryo’s piano and koeda’s voice, it’s a great piece of music with emotion running wild in the song itself.
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She just say “fuck you” in the song and seriously saying this song is a bit down right scary. Anyway here it is Daihinmin by koeda in moe voice which it really annoying at first (that’s what I felt when I listened to this song for the first time) and it’s keep getting better at times.

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1. I just leave this here.. Tell me if there is a change in the lyrics for both romaji and english.
2. Anyone can find the full video in youtube for this?
3. Anyone know how to embed facebook video to wordpress?
4. Share it! xD
5. Romaji lyrics complete!

My Dearest (Youku)

My Dearest (Facebook)
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The title says it all! The new supercell single “My Dearest” that will be released on 23rd November 2011. This song is sung by Koeda () a nico nico singer with the age of 15 Seriously 15 and have this kind of voice? I must say this is a total win!

Now to those who like this song a lot.. I would like to say that you should buy the single!


Download Link:

Radio Rip

P/S: Lyrics will be done after I get the full version or so I thought.

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