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Ending of Ano Natsu de Matteru. I still envy of Kaito and his P300 <_<

MP3: -Please find it yourself-
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Request by Minoru and Chaelmi.
Another cover by Nagi from the album colorful parade consist of most awesome nico nico singer and Nagi is one of them! Taking the last track and end it beautifully arrange music no doubt that people want this song romanize.

Note: This song is actually made by CON and sung by the Diva Hatsune Miku (Append Dark). Also I cannot find the youtube video for the Nagi cover but only can be found in nicovid unless someone want to provide the link 😀

【ニコニコ動画】Yanagi Nagi [やなぎなぎ] – ONE's hope lyrics inside

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I blame my procrastinating mode that prevent me from romanizing lyrics.. <_<" Oh well lets get on with it.

Request by AI and I should say sorry that I can’t translate Tsuki no Terasu since it’s kinda hard to hear what nagi is singing ==” Sorry again AI T^T. A short yet beautiful song by Nagi!

lyrics inside

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Request by Minoru and sorry for being super duper late since my college start already and its assignment is shiet. Never mind I can’t do the daily romanizing anymore ==”

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Request by Chaelmi
I present you Nemuri Hime original by Hatsune Miku and cover by Nagi. It’s a given equation of Nagi + slow song = AWESOME. <– This.


Yanagi Nagi ver.

Lyrics Inside

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It’s already been a year when I first start this blog. First I would like to say,

Happy be-be-belated birthday to Words of My Life!!

More inside!!!

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