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40mP’s wife Chano just gave birth to a baby boy!! I can’t believe that I live in this world to hear this news. Seriously a great news that makes me wanna cry! Follow this link to see their baby’s hand and for now lets celebrate with lots and lots of his great works! Oh, and don’t forget to spread this news! Lets make this day 40mP x Chano day!!

Lets start with Chano-san!


Then his greatest vocaloid works!

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40mP new song “Yume Chizu (Dream Map)” will be feature in Exit Tunes Supernova 5! Well to me this song seriously refresh back all the old songs 40mP make the cuteness, the sweetness and the way 40mP handled Gumi in this. Although I wish this song could be longer like 4 or 5 min then it’s just perfect

Here’s a challenge, can you find Miku inside?

Note: If you look closely at the picture you will see not only Miku but all the past 40mP songs!

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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I know that Japan is in still in danger, let this song be the one ease our heart. By 40mP who will going to be another producer to produce song for an anime and this time Fairy Tail get the opportunity to use this song as an opening. Sung by Daisy x Daisy (Mika) this song show us to never give up looking for evidence as in life/love or in other words never give up on living. Truly suit for Fairy Tail where their story told us to not give up hope.

MP3 and Lyrics inside

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Taken from me fb.

Forgive me if I am wrong. This is just what I observe.

As far as I know, the producers of Vocaloid now getting a lot of attention from the Japanese music industry. It started with ryo(supercell) who posted his Melt which takes him and Miku into the start of Vocaloid era. Since then Vocaloid is quite known in Japan.
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40mP is back with his epic song and this time it’s delusion. As you know 40mP is one of the best producer that well try to change Miku voice into something strange.. I don’t know really well what he did lol. This time it’s Pop-Rock and yet maybe the best song from 40mP. Lets get on with it shall we.


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Hey~ It’s been how many weeks i didn’t update this blog. Thanks to assignments and all other stuff i keep forgetting to update this blog. Anyway without further delay, i brought you 40mP song Natsukoi Hanabi!


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