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This time it’s collaboration between Miku, Luka, Rin, Miku Append Soft, Ren, Gumi and Yuki! This song combines cuteness, awesomeness and everything! With all the producer, this song already become my fav!

Vocaloid ver.

Nico Nico ver.

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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After ggrks, this should be the most best duet by this two great vocaloid. Combining jazz with the lyrics made by Yuuto, I am falling in love with this song more and more. Well enjoy~ Kamui Gakupo x Megurine Luka – Sweets & Bitters.

Kamui Gakupo x Megurine Luka

Yuuto x ENE

Lyrics and MP3 inside

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This time the song would be in vocarock genre. It’s fast on some parts. and I would like to say NEVER TAKE LIGHTLY OF THIS DUO!!!! Second best duo next to Miku x Luka.

Lyrics Inside

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