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40mP’s wife Chano just gave birth to a baby boy!! I can’t believe that I live in this world to hear this news. Seriously a great news that makes me wanna cry! Follow this link to see their baby’s hand and for now lets celebrate with lots and lots of his great works! Oh, and don’t forget to spread this news! Lets make this day 40mP x Chano day!!

Lets start with Chano-san!


Then his greatest vocaloid works!

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It’s already been a year when I first start this blog. First I would like to say,

Happy be-be-belated birthday to Words of My Life!!

More inside!!!

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40mP new song “Yume Chizu (Dream Map)” will be feature in Exit Tunes Supernova 5! Well to me this song seriously refresh back all the old songs 40mP make the cuteness, the sweetness and the way 40mP handled Gumi in this. Although I wish this song could be longer like 4 or 5 min then it’s just perfect

Here’s a challenge, can you find Miku inside?

Note: If you look closely at the picture you will see not only Miku but all the past 40mP songs!

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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This time it’s collaboration between Miku, Luka, Rin, Miku Append Soft, Ren, Gumi and Yuki! This song combines cuteness, awesomeness and everything! With all the producer, this song already become my fav!

Vocaloid ver.

Nico Nico ver.

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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This time lets hear a different vocaloid than Miku. This time it would be Gumi.

It was not a mistake to use Nakajima Megumi voice for Vocaloid Megpoid Gumi. Because nobody can’t win against her in term of near-real-human-voice not even Miku.. seriously. I couldn’t help but smiling at this song even though the lyrics itself is kind of sad but with Gumi smooth voice its a total win indeed. Like I said before GUMI IS AWESOME!! AND DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY OF HER VOICE!!

Lyrics Inside

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This time the song would be in vocarock genre. It’s fast on some parts. and I would like to say NEVER TAKE LIGHTLY OF THIS DUO!!!! Second best duo next to Miku x Luka.

Lyrics Inside

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