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Request by Minoru and sorry for being super duper late since my college start already and its assignment is shiet. Never mind I can’t do the daily romanizing anymore ==”

Lyrics inside

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It’s already been a year when I first start this blog. First I would like to say,

Happy be-be-belated birthday to Words of My Life!!

More inside!!!

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As you know, one of the greatest cosplayer Saya has passed away on 15 March 2011 at 05:27AM due to an accident.

Saya Miku cosplay

more inside

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Well yeah since I am bored and I did some cover which is fail xD

Listen if you want :3


World’s End Dancehall (short and idiotic ver.)

Calc. (sounds like orgasm)

World’s End Dancehall (full + messy and shout?)

Well that’s all.. lol

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Taken from me fb.

Forgive me if I am wrong. This is just what I observe.

As far as I know, the producers of Vocaloid now getting a lot of attention from the Japanese music industry. It started with ryo(supercell) who posted his Melt which takes him and Miku into the start of Vocaloid era. Since then Vocaloid is quite known in Japan.
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Going to paste this in blog soon since it’s just a short rant anyway. 😀

As a person who likes/loves Vocaloid and Nico Nico much, it’s a pain to see my friends changed from Vocaloid fan into stalker seiyuu fan. Which I found it quite surprising because of this I have no where to express this fandom of mine anywhere, anymore except for the group I’ve made.

I try to become one of them, liking but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. I never hate seiyuu, but I never like them much. I admit that some are originally “seiyuu otaku” which I’d say I am quite comfortable with them but those who is from the first a Vocaloid fan turns into seiyuu fan I end up loathing my friends for becoming like this. One thing I noticed, when it comes to Vocaloid & Nico Nico Singer the amount of ignorance is too much but when it comes to seiyuu, the excessive amount of “CAPS” and “!!!” is seriously too much. That is why, I never want to share anything to them anymore because I ended up disappointed myself. This is like having they gay cycle repeating itself again. Which if I got a second chance, I would choose my friends carefully.

Called me childish, but this is the truth that I’ve seen with this eyes of mine. I know that people going to ignore this anyway or either take this seriously or either talk about me being an asshole or back stab me which I already quite used to it by now. After all this is just a rant. 🙂

Well that clears up what is on my mind.

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On 14th of February 2011, I delete my account because I’m fed up with all those biased people inside where they claimed to have the same hobby as mine but in the end they abandon it. Which I found quite sad when it happen. I always wondering why I add them in the 1st place, which led me to the answer, I was deceived by their hobby which I thought I already had friends who shared the same hobby as mine. Oh well, that’s the reality after all but to fall twice is a great disappointment to me.

Also I delete some blogs which I consider as inactive. Seriously how can they spend time posting a lot of stuff but not blogging those in their blogs? For example:
Me: Why didn’t you update your blog anymore?
Biased: Because I don’t have time to post!
Me (My thought): How the hell did he/she don’t have the time when he/she have a lot of time to post those stuff!?
Seriously I felt want to rage at them but I kept reminding myself that nothing can be done when they are like that anymore. Sad but true. More or less at less I won’t become their friends ever again.

Well I think that was good enough.. lol At least I get to express here :3

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