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Nana and Alilem singing OSTER Project Kagamine Rin song! Ohime-sama ni naritai no! It’s awesome with nana cute voice plus alilem rap its a great duo! Have to find the rap lyrics since its too fast. lol

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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This time it’s collaboration between Miku, Luka, Rin, Miku Append Soft, Ren, Gumi and Yuki! This song combines cuteness, awesomeness and everything! With all the producer, this song already become my fav!

Vocaloid ver.

Nico Nico ver.

Lyrics & MP3 inside

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Rin! in Vocarock! Thanks to my friend for the song, Now I’m gonna add this to my playlist 😀 Well here it is Rin! in Vocarock!

Lyrics Inside

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Demo of Rin Append Power & Warm~ Personally Rin voice is much more clearer in append IMO. Only for some part of the lyrics.

Lyrics inside

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Another one~ this time its a duet!

Lyrics inside~

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