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Requested by Adlin Ichsan in supercell fc group, here it is kz(livetune) feat. Yanagi Nagi – Empty
Update: Translation added!

Nijinde kieta
Karappo no watashi no kage
Monokuro no sora
Kyoukai wa aimai ni naru

Namida wa
Mou kawaiteiru no ni
Doushite mo
Kioku wa tokenai

Itsumade mo yume miteru
Owaranai tsuzuki wo
Sono hosoi yubisaki de
Kizuato fusai de

Karamatta mama
Shizundeku fukai tokoro
Hotsureta rain
Hai iro no rizumu ga hibiku

Atenonai tabi wa tsuzuiteku
Ashitori wa obotsukanai kedo

Itsumade mo yume miteru
Owaranai inori wo
Sono hosoi yubisaki de
Saigo wo sagashite

Itsumade mo yume miteru
Owaranai ano hibi
Ruupu kara nuke dasu yo
Yoake ni tsugeru yo

Translated by Tony (supercell fc Facebook member)
Note (Tony): Might have slight mistranslation with it.

It has vanished, the shadow of the empty me…
The monochrome sky, its boundaries are becoming vague…

My tears, even though they have already dried up…
Then why? Why won’t my memories melt away…?

I’ll dream forever..
A never ending continuity…
Those slender fingers…
shall close up these scars…

Still tangled, falling deeper…
The fraying rain, echoes with a ash coloured rhythm…

Towards an aimless destination, I continue…
Even though my doubtful pace falters…

I’ll dream forever…
Never ending prayers…
Those slender fingers…
Searching for the end…

I’ll dream forever…
That daily life that never ends…
I’ll break out of that loop!
And greet the dawn


I’ll took this chance to say that yesterday Japan was struck by a massive earthquakes 8.9 Magnitude. Lots of people died and missing with current result 1600 died and missing. Fortunately supercell member ryo, Huke, redjuice and also nagi is safe and sound. Some of the nico singers/producers/musicians are also safe and same goes to seiyuu and people involve in the entertainment field. Unconfirmed right now in seiyuu is Yuuki Aoi situation. Heard it from my friends and they are really crazy about her situation right now. There is a possibility that the second album going to be delayed but that’s aside. I am more concern about the people there and lets hope that Japan would stay strong. PRAY FOR JAPAN!

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