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Collections of Vocaloid lyrics and home for supercell lyrics :D

Taken from me fb.

Forgive me if I am wrong. This is just what I observe.

As far as I know, the producers of Vocaloid now getting a lot of attention from the Japanese music industry. It started with ryo(supercell) who posted his Melt which takes him and Miku into the start of Vocaloid era. Since then Vocaloid is quite known in Japan.

For ryo(supercell) through his songs which reached more than 10 millions (all his Miku original songs) he gets an offered from Sony Music Entertainment Japan to make Bakemonogatari ending “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” with the help of an “angel” (excessive used of words are trololol) Gazelle or know known as Yanagi Nagi or Nagi in short. From this point, people who never heard of Vocaloid before took a liking after hearing ryo’s musics which change the mind of people about Vocaloid about being “just” a software.

Then it turns to kz(livetunes) who produces techno using Vocaloids who became one of the best producers in the history of Vocaloid. He also got an offered by Sony Music Entertainment Japan to produced a hit single irony sung by ClariS (formerly Alice☆Clara) for the anime Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Thus this is the second producer who took the fame as a vocaloid producer to produce single for an anime.

After that, Toku-P who is popular with his songs SPiCA and ARiA took his chance to become another producers who produced musics for an anime. He used his old songs, Color by Hatsune Miku but this time sung by MARiA (nico singer) for the opening of Freezing. As a newcomer, his color has already became a quite popular with the help of Freezing anime and also MARiA who sings this song. With this, Toku-P already became one of the most celebrated producer who took his name into the Japanese Music industry.

Lastly, 40mP who name was known in the Vocaloid community through his “orthodox melody”(according to wiki) that his new song “Evidence” sung by DaisyxDaisy going to be in the opening of Fairy Tail this April. 40mP who songs are catchy but have a deep meaning in his songs with the way he used Miku and also Gumi in a “maybe” tweak or twisted way. Thus he became another Vocaloid producer to produced songs for an anime.

For the list of anime songs I said above:

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari




The respective producers who have their own singers.

* supercell and nagi
* DECO*27 and Marina
* 40mP and Shano
* Toku-P and MARiA
* kz(livetunes) and ClariS (Should be)

Well that’s all of what I have observe so far. :3

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