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Words of My Life

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On 14th of February 2011, I delete my account because I’m fed up with all those biased people inside where they claimed to have the same hobby as mine but in the end they abandon it. Which I found quite sad when it happen. I always wondering why I add them in the 1st place, which led me to the answer, I was deceived by their hobby which I thought I already had friends who shared the same hobby as mine. Oh well, that’s the reality after all but to fall twice is a great disappointment to me.

Also I delete some blogs which I consider as inactive. Seriously how can they spend time posting a lot of stuff but not blogging those in their blogs? For example:
Me: Why didn’t you update your blog anymore?
Biased: Because I don’t have time to post!
Me (My thought): How the hell did he/she don’t have the time when he/she have a lot of time to post those stuff!?
Seriously I felt want to rage at them but I kept reminding myself that nothing can be done when they are like that anymore. Sad but true. More or less at less I won’t become their friends ever again.

Well I think that was good enough.. lol At least I get to express here :3

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