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Time for the 2nd utattemita fandom of mine ~=3=~ This time I present you kiyono/F9!

Info : Nothing much about her biodata, only know this in her blog “歌が好きな普通の人。” (Uta ga suki na futsuu no hito.). Know her from the smiling chorus, her voice have the range of mature cutesy that seriously can make nico users stunned with her voice! Another thing is when she sing ballad song, she have a bit similarity to Gazelle/Yanagi Nagi. Kiyono/F9 also done some doujin songs with PF AUDIO. She only uploaded a little amount of songs in her nico mylist. Lets hope she uploade more of her songs. Her cover of Dust and Blue are the best for this editor (Lerorin.. <_<")

Her Equipment for singing:
Microphone: SHURE Beta58A
AudioI / F: Focusrite Saffire6
DAW: Sonar LE

Nico Account :
Blog :
Twitter Account :

Songs :
– Soar (Debut)

– Dust

– Blue

– Blindness

– 1000001colors

– R-18

– Kurage

– Girlfriend

– Mata Ashita

– Envy

– Smiling *Re:Member ver.

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