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*epic drum* Here is the 1st ever Lero’s utattemita fandom! (Actually I don’t really know what to put in this blog <_<")
Here I will present with singers of Nico Nico either Male or Female and today I present you ENE!

Info : Born on 5th August 1987 (She uploaded her 2009 Happy Happy Birthday video with a description that she turns 22 that day), ENE-san is a Korean nico nico singer and also female. Her voice range for me is vivid clear that none of nico nico singers I knew had. She’s good in English and also in Japanese. Seriously her Japanese is awesome, other than that she currently have no blog only use her nico as her main blog for now and additional twitter. For me, every time she sing a song I couldn’t help but to melt along to her voice, smile like I never smile before and repeating her song every time. She have her own personal YouTube account which she sometimes upload her songs but not all some others you just have to find. She seems to have 3 closed friends where they sing kalafina songs and they are Guriri, Nobunaga and Wataame.

Nico Account :
Youtube Account :
Twitter Account :!/ene0805

Songs :

Chiisaki Mono


Coin (feat. Vin)

Torinoko City

Futariboshi (feat. Wataame)

Happy Happy Birthday


Lacrimosa (feat. Guriri, Nobunaga and Wataame)

Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora (feat. Guriri, Nobunaga and Wataame)

Smiling X-mas Edition

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