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Words of My Life

Collections of Vocaloid lyrics and home for supercell lyrics :D

There are people who I admire and respect and it will be in my heart forever. We as human also have someone that we respect no matter what kind of status they have and I also have those whom i respect the most.

First of is my parent who always encourage me and give advice in matters that I don’t understand. Even though they always busy with their works, they still manage to find times to spent with me and my sis and bro. Also, there are times which my parent and I are clashing about things but it is only for temporary.

Other than them, there is my school teacher who teach me about multimedia and she is the best teacher I ever had in my life because she even teach while knowing that she is pregnant and sometimes feeling tired but she still manage to teach without fail.

I come to contact with this person recently. Due to the incident of April Fools made by a website and more than that this person live in Malaysia. In addition this person who has the same interest than me but maybe more hardcore than me. This person is no other than my friend, Shii-chan. She is an interesting person with an interest in anime. She also popular among her friends because the way she gives the feeling of happiness around them.

There are other people who I respect, such as ryo from supercell. He is one of the many successful composer in Japan for composing beautiful yet sad lyrics with a nice rock rhythm to add the spice in his musical fantasy. Nayuta is one of the many singers in japan who have such beautiful voice that could melt my brain only with her voice. She regain her reputation by imitate a japanese artist and yet she successful it in a way no one knows. One more person who came in my mind is Takahashi Haruka. She is a genius in literacy, drawing, coding and many more. She can write story which I find it very interesting in one way or another with her vast words selection and imagination.

That is all i can say for now. Since i only respect those who give me motivation in life or either in doing things i never done before. Till then see you in another essay.

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