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Words of My Life

Collections of Vocaloid lyrics and home for supercell lyrics :D

I got double assignment for my foundation course! Yeah I’m in college now.. where is it? APIIT/UCTI, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil and so I ask my lecturer how to do it.. but the answer they give me is “That you don’t have to ask me. Find it yourself”


how am I going to do this without knowing what assignment looks like!! o.O?? using the internet??

note: never trust the internet

The assignments is PDSM (Personal Development and Study Method) and OSE (Organisation and Study Environment)

the pdsm one is about myself.. 1000 words.. well thats not so bad.. but~ they want my goals the next 4 years, pride list and others! sigh..

the ose one is group assignments.. well its ok i think..

Until Then~ Sayonara~

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